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Seeking CD Artwork

Delinquent Records has always supported rockers on a budget with plenty of talent and vision.  Likewise, I prefer alternative models/photographers, and eclectic graphic design artists.  

Delinquent is in need artwork asap for "Maidens of Metal" (female-front rock & metal bands) and "Girls, Fire, and Hairspray" (Modern Sleaze Rock bands influenced by the ’80s Hair Metal Sunset Strip) and "Vampyre: Songs In the Key of Night” - a tribute to the Vampyre archetype.  

Delinquent always provides the models name and contact information, the same for photographers, and graphic artists.  Please contact: 


Delinquent Records: Resurrections CD Series 2013

Press Announcement:  Seeking Unsigned Bands for the Resurrection Series 2013
Delinquent Records

             Hello!  I am Nancy Chandler, Head of A&R and Distribution at Delinquent Records, USA.  Part of my job is scouting for new bands with a fresh sound that Delinquent can promote and distribute.  Delinquent Records is currently seeking new bands for our RESURRECTION SERIES 2013, a series of genre-specific various artist collections.  Please help Delinquent Records to spread the word to any up’n’coming bands, in press releases,  music blogs, as well as artist opportunities.

            “Industrionage: a tribute to Industrial Music”
includes dark wave, cold wave, heavy industrial rave, and the wide variety of Industrial Bands. "Shadows To Come… a goth collection," "Evil Is Good" is intended for bands with over the top, extreme image/extreme musical style and delivery.  In addition, Delinquent Records is also hosting a glam collection: "A Bubblegum Symphony" and "Girls, Fire, and Hairspray" a tribute to bands influences by Sleaze Bands /Hair Metal/ Sunset Strip, "Alchemy: Metal Into Gold" a progressive rock/symphonic metal collection, "Metal Contingency" targets the best metal bands from around the world, "Maidens of Metal" a tribute to  femme-fronted hard rock and metal bands, and "Vampyres: Songs in the Key of Night"- a tribute to the dark at heart.

            Delinquent Records use of themed various artists releases has been our most effective means of shopping unsigned bands to International distributors, print magazines, online e-zines, fanzines, music blogs, and college radio in the United States.  In the past, by participating on this type of release, Delinquent Records was able to place our signed bands on film soundtracks, as well as several of our distributed bands, and even our promotion-only bands, i.e. bands that do not yet have a full CD available, but contribute a song allowing them to build their press kits.

            Delinquent Records uses the terms "collection" and "tribute" in regards to multi-band releases, because these are not merely compilation CDs; this is how our A&R, Distribution, and Promotion Departments came best acquire feedback from both the buying public and from our usual industry networks.  If you have not visited our website, please do.  Delinquent Records has always worked equally with a wide variety of rock/metal styles.
For additional information please email me at

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